GREEN, SAFE AND VALUE FOR MONEY are the cornerstones on which the hundred units in the Sidiba estate will be build. This new section titled townhouse development is located in Flora Gardens Vanderbijlpark and meet all the modern buyer's requirements. 

Each unit is equipped with a solar system that includes solar panels, batteries, inverter and a hot water system that will function without the unsightly tank on the roof. Herewith emphasis is placed on proper insulation in that over and above normal insulating material units will also be supplied with window manufactured from superior quality PVC. The sound and waterproofing as well as ultraviolet protection this product is outstanding.

Residents can count on big savings in electricity. The developers are confident that the savings will be more than R1200-00 per month and this without accounting for Eskom's program of aggressive rate increases. Each unit is equipped with a water meter and electricity meter. Owners can be assured of stable power supply from muniscipal sources in addition to the solar unit.

The development consists of two and three bedroom simplex and duplex units placed in a park atmosphere with paved roads and lawns that will be laid by the developer. Cupboards are provided as a high quality product and only building materials of the highest quality will be used.

Buyers can rest assured as the purchase price is all inclusive and there are no hidden costs. The purchase price includes:

  1. The agent's commission;
  2. The bond costs;
  3. The transfer costs;
  4. The bank's mortgage application fee; and
  5. VAT is included.

Of course, potential buyers can also count on excellent security. The development is surrounded by plastered 3 meters high walls with electric fencing. The entrance to Sidiba is designed to accommodate fulltime security that will be implemented when the first occupants move in. Flora Gardens’ residents are also in process to implement controlled security access to the suburb.

The total project value amounts to one hundred and twenty million and will be completed in July 2016. Construction will be handled by Tornusil Investments PTY Ltd, the developer of Maraldi Estates. Their accomplishments include the award as NHBRC as homebuilder for the year in 2005 and the successful completion of Rosendal Estate and Prime Business Park both of which are landmarks in Vanderbijlpark.

Sales Prices start at R963 069.00 and prospective buyers can contact the following people should they be interested to participating in the development.


  1. Johan 0829009668 email mwmarai@mweb.co.za
  2. Stefan 0846810241 email sscon.sg@gmail.com
  3. Willie 0824114342 email waarmaker.duplessis@gmail.com
  4. Gerrit 0824498451 email gerrit@parkvaal.co.za
  5. Christo 0828496950 email christouys@ymail.com
  6. website www.sidiba.co.za

Several estate agencies has also been approved by the developers to market development.