Use an expert originator to submit your
bond application

Using an expert originator like ooba gives you the best chance of approval and enables you to secure the best bond
rate. Ooba will make multiple simultaneous bank submissions and has in-depth knowledge of each bank’s specific
requirements. As a single point of contact throughout the entire process, ooba cuts down on time and
inconvenience for you. Ooba gives you the best chance of securing your dream home.

ooba gives you the edge in financing,
protecting and enjoying your home.

ooba offers you:

A better chance of bond approval

  1. Complete commitment to securing your loan.
  2. Pre-qualification, which improves the certainty of your ability to afford the property.
  3. An unfair advantage. We prepare, motivate and package your application for maximum chance of approval.
  4. The benefit of simultaneous submissions to multiple lenders.
  5. In-depth knowledge of different bank’s processes, which is used to your advantage.
  6. The reassurance that senior personnel are on hand to escalate any complex applications.
  7. Confidence. The majority of all new home loans are secured using mortgage originators.

The best possible bond interest rate

  1. We have the power to negotiate with all the banks on your behalf and will secure the best possible interest rate.
  2. Independent advice on the most appropriate home loan option.
  3. Expert input on your home loan application to assist in reducing the overall cost to you.

Greater convenience, greater speed

  1. Less hassle. You only complete one application form and we do the rest.
  2. In-depth knowledge and dedicated personnel who actively guide your application through the approval process faster.
  3. A friendly and professional single point of contact who is always available face-to-face or telephonically.
  4. A comprehensive service at no cost to you.

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